Introducing: COLLAGEM by Black's Health.


Newly released by Michelle Blanchard – COLLAGEM. Pure 100% marine collagen peptides that are natural, sustainable, convenient and effective.

At Black’s Health, we approach product development in line with Michelle’s personal values. Values she stands by as essential when it comes to creating the best possible results:

Natural. Sustainable. Beautiful. Effective. 


Our collagen is 100% natural, with no flow agents, sweeteners or flavours.

We source our fish from the wild, ensuring they consume only natural foods, unlike farm-raised fish that consume man-made pellet diets which may be beef or pork sourced.And, because we truly believe natural is best, even our capsule products are made from vegetarian sourced capsule shells. 

What’s more, Collagem isn’t bleached, denatured or deodorised. Nor is it over-processed, meaning all the natural goodness is left intact. Simply add the powder to your coffee or smoothie and you won’t taste a thing, or take a few capsules each day as a part of your normal routine.



Our marine collagen is sustainably harvested from wild fish species found in the Atlantic Ocean. Caught by certified fisheries companies, the raw material is processed from the marine by-product. Substances that would otherwise be wasted (skin, scales and bones).

So, we feel good about our raw material source – and you can too.

We know that the enemy of any nutritional product is light, heat and oxygen. That's why we created a light-proof bottle that doesn’t transmit moisture.

And, by selecting black as its colour, we minimise light getting through - which protects the raw material. Please screw the lid on firmly between use.

Our products are formulated, blended and packaged right here in Aotearoa, with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) factory that ensures the highest quality, guaranteed.


Black’s Health Collagem uses scientifically-validated raw materials with recorded data that proves efficacy. 

Specifically, these ingredients are highly effective in:

- Reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
- Increase skin elasticity and moisture
- Hair and nail strength
- Assisting joints and ligament health 

The body’s collagen supply decreases with age, so it makes sense that adding a quality marine collagen to your diet will directly support hair, skin, nail and joint health.



Michelle’s always busy working on innovative new products. She’s committed to creating remarkable and visible results based on the secrets of her youthfulness - all-natural products that can help you look and feel younger too.

Which has to be a beautiful thing!


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